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Well....... where to begin,We started out in 1993 as a model kit Building and Painting service, this took off faster than we ever thought possible and we soon found ourselves as the sole building and Painting service for three of the major model kit retailers in the London area as well as our own customer base, Soon after this we found ourselves getting more and more involved in a "new" hobby .......Garage kits!! This was a relatively new hobby from Japan, which entailed very limited run model kits of unusual subjects, made by fans of these subjects and swapped and traded with other fans for their fan produced kits and items. Because of the dedication and love of the fans for these subjects, these were made with attention to detail and standards sadly not available in the main stream kits. As the subject matter had been simply passed over by larger companies,this made these fan produced kits instantly and highly collectable. Our involvement in this "new" hobby was a direct link from our building and painting services, as we were getting more and more of these limited edition kits every day.From that it evolved into very small runs of non available items and kits, and sometimes customised one of a kind displays, Some of the subject matter of these displays being prop replicas from TV shows and movies, these often needing bits made from scratch and where obtaining the original parts being out of the question, or getting very rare and extremely hard to find,If we found it hard to get these pieces then it would help others to have these items made readily available, this would help build their own displays and prop replicas,this same group of enthusiasts were also using parts to construct costume props and we were then being asked to supply bits for costuming too  And this is where we are today...building one of a kind displays, making limited edition kits unusual replica prop parts for the construction of your own replicas and costume pieces and appliances if you can't see what you are looking for, Please ask We will to try to do our best to help